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Sprite Icy Mint (left), with two other Sprite varieties, in mainland China

Sprite Ice was the first flavor extension for The Coca-Cola Company's Sprite brand soft drink. It has a hint of mint, which Coca-Cola says gives it "maximum refreshment". Sprite Ice first became available in Canada and Belgium in 2003. It is packaged in clear blue-capped plastic bottles with blue and silver graphics. It is also available in 12-can packages.

Different names[]

   Sprite Blue - Korea (since 2002)
   Sprite Ice - Australia (2003-2004), Canada, Hong Kong (since 2003), India, Indonesia (2004-2006), Philippines, Taiwan, Singapore, United States (since 2012)
   Sprite Mint - United Kingdom (since 2011)
   Sprite Ice Cube - Belgium (since 2003)
   Sprite Ice Blue - Italy (since 2004), Chile (since 2005)
   Sprite X - Japan
   Sprite Icy Mint - China (since 2004)
   Sprite on Ice - Ireland (since 2011)