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Coca Cola Citra is a beverage made by The Coca-Cola Company. The design shows yellow and green stripes, and a pair of citrus fruits resembling a lemon and a lime. It is accompanied by Coca-Cola Light with Citra in Mexico and Japan, and Diet Coke with Citra in New Zealand.

Coca cola citra

Coca-Cola Citra Bottles

More Info[]

The drink itself entered the Coca-Cola company's portfolio when the brand was acquired during Coca-Cola's acquisition of the Parle groups soft drink portfolio, in India.

Since of the Lemon and Lime flavor, Its a cross bewteen Coca-Cola Lime and Coca-Cola Lemon.

Where Citra has been introduced[]

   Mexico - 2005 on a trial basis
   New Zealand - 2005 for a limited time, discontinued in 2006
   New Zealand - reintroduced in March 2007, discontinued in September 2007
   Japan - officially launched on May 29, 2006, including 1.5 litre, 500 ml, and 300 ml varieties